29 June 2010

Mission Statement

To go insane and lose all my friends.

I have decided to watch all of the movies on IMDb's "Top 250" list (as of June 30th, since it changes a lot) and post reviews on them. Why? Because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It should be noted that I've seen all of the movies at least once already, because there are a lot of movies on the list that are artsy enough that if you only watch them once you'll just be left in a puddle of confusion and not grasp the real meaning (if there is one...) :D

It should also be noted that I have a group of trained house elves (they prefer the term "friends") helping me on my long and tiring journey. Whether or not they'll still be around at the end of the summer, who knows.

My timeline is the summer holidays, the months of July and August. For those of you not good at math, that's about four movies a day! (It's starting to sound a lot more insane now, isn't it?)

My name is Ziggi, and I am a movie-holic.


  1. It's okay, you're already insane and I'm as addicted to you as you are to movies.

    You are amazing <3 I can't believe you finally saw Citizen Kane.

    Between you and your house elves I am sure you'll make it.

    This mission gets the Shona Seal of Approval, which is no where near as awesome as yours.

  2. Ziggi, this is crazy but awesome! Man, I hope it goes well. I'm thinking about starting up some sort of movie project as well although not this crazy :P
    Good luck!

  3. Yey :D
    ohh?! Awesome :D lemme know what you plan on doing!
    Thanks :D

  4. This list would probably make me start doodling half way through - Something that makes every movie better as I don't notice it passing by. So kudos to you for actually paying attention to them!

  5. I stopped paying attention to a few of them :P

  6. fuck off. you know nothing about movies.

  7. ND: Will *I* marry you? Haha, depends :P

  8. Is it Canned food or caned food?

  9. You have acomplished this fantastically. I'm doing the same thing but with working full time and having all sorts going on I'm rather lacking on the time front and have only managed a few reviews so far but hopefully they'll come along more frequently now. Check it out if you want, would love more opinions.....

  10. My name is Ziggi, and I am a movie-holic. better words have never been spoken, me too.

    i totally appreciate what you are doing on every level.

    with close to 2,000 films on HDD and still goin' strong, i can relate. 4 films a day, sure, why not? we can do that standing on our head can't we?

    good luck and if you really want to see some awesome cinema get into the asian genre. the koreans are very quickly catching up to the japanese, and the chinese are no slouches either. BTW: original soundtracks with subs, don't dilute the message .........

  11. after reading a dozen or so of your "reviews" i have serious doubts about your objectivity ... you only seem to like mass-market crap or films your hipster friends have pulled out of a "how to pretend you like real films" manual.

    writing a review with a pre-existing bias against that director/genre is a dishonest and inflammatory practice. you claim to be a serious reviewer and yet you rate Monsters Inc over Seven Samurai. You lack the capacity to write anything more than your gonzo experience of watching it. "oh ho hum i'm so bored bored bored"

    you don't deserve to be ranked 4th in google for requiem for a dream. your reviews lack substance and your opinions are heavily biased against anything you don't understand.

  12. hmm you know what, despite my somewhat negative comment above, it is commendable that you've followed through on your goal of reviewing the top 250. i will give you that.

    i just think you owe it to yourself to look back on some of these films when you have the perspective to look beneath the surface and read the subtext. because of your focus on entertainment you're missing out on something intangible and beautiful.

    i dare you to watch these films again when you hit 30, when you've had a chance to experience some of the themes you seem to feel so strongly against.