26 May 2011

Tenkou no Shiro Rapyuta (1986)


A girl just fell from the sky, boss!
So basically: On the run from pirates, Sheeta, a young girl, falls from to sky into the arms of a poor boy named Pazu. She carries with her a mysterious crystal passed down through her family. Together they set out to uncover the mysteries of Sheeta's crystal and the floating city Pazu dreams about finding.

This isn't my favourite Studio Ghibli production. In fact, I mostly forget about - it was one of the ones I saw once I got older ... I don't know why, because it is a fantastic film. The story is full of adventure and enough lore to surround you into their world. The characters ... well, the pirates are pretty awesome. But the rest are only so-so - maybe that's why it's not up there.

It is a Studio Ghibli film, and I have been saying they all deserve to be on the list - but since they can't all be on the list, I would have to keep this one off of it.
Ziggi seal of disapproval

25 April 2011

Hable con Ella (2002)


Love is the saddest thing when it goes away, as a song by Jobim goes.
So basically: Marco is forced to spend countless hours in a nursing home after his girlfriend, a bullfighter, ends up in a coma. There, he meets Benigno, an awkward nurse attending another coma patient. The two form an unlikely and unbreakable friendship as their lives are revealed to each other.

The summary for this film made it seem rather dull and pretentious and I’m really glad I was forced to watch it. At first I kept my assumptions, but as the movie progressed and the main characters are introduced, specifically Benigno, the story really came to life. It was beautifully filmed and acted!

I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but this film will probably make a lot of people uneasy. It’s supposed to do that! Watch it anyway.

Ziggi seal of approval!

24 March 2011

Beauty and the Beast (1991)


It's not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*...
So basically: Belle, an intelligent young woman, trades herself for her father's life when he is taken hostage by an evil beast. Locked up in the beast's castle, she finds herself surrounded by enchanted household items who help her calm the beast and show the world the man he is inside.

Yey Stockholm Syndrome! I hate the people who say that. I mean, as a kid, you obviously don't know about Stockholm Syndrome and it's just a magical, musical, love story. And once you're old enough, you understand that, ok, maybe it is a bit wonky, but hey, it's still a magical, musical, love story. The characters are wonderful and really bring the story to life, Lumiere and Cogworth, especially. Stop hating on this film ok? It's Disney, we all know how terrible they are, but we all know the real world isn't like that!

Oh, watch an older version! They apparently cleaned it up on the DVD or something, and it doesn't look right! But, yes, it is the only Disney princess film on the list - that I recall - and frankly, there should be more!

Ziggi seal of approval!

28 February 2011

True Grit (2010)


Backwards. I always go backwards when I back up.
So basically: After the death of her father, 14 year old Mattie Ross hires Rooster Cogburn to assist in the arrest of the murderer, Tom Chaney. He reluctantly agrees and they set out together, much to his dismay. Also on the hunt for Tom Chaney is LaBoeuf from Texas.

I wasn't very interested in this film when I found out it was on the list. And it wasn't until it was over that I found out it was a Coen Brothers' film. So yeah, watching it was alright. It is a Coen Brothers' film, so it was, of course, enjoyable and had some good dialogue - especially coming from Mattie. She was defs worth watching it for. But, I rly don't understand the renewal of Westerns. I don't know. It just doesn't look right with our cameras and stuff, y'know? One last thing: WTF?! Why isn't Hailee Steinfeld credited on the poster before Josh Brolin??? ACK! And SUPPORTING ROLE?! Excuse me?! I'm pretter sure she plays the main character, thank you very much.

It's an alright film, but I don't think it deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

25 February 2011

Trois Couleurs: Rouge (1994)


I feel something important is happening around me. And it scares me.
So basically: Valentine's life is changed when she accidently runs over a dog and befriends its owner, an early retired judge who has a habit of eavesdropping on his neighbours.

I don't understand this film. It was watchable, but it wasn't very interesting. I don't like these "deep" films that are all "they're about human nature, yey!!" No! You have to have a story, you can't just shove a bunch of people together and see what happens. That is not a film. Ok?

It has been mentioned to me the reason I didn't get it was because I didn't watch the first two of the trilogy, but I assume they are in the same style with the same "meaning" so no thank you. Get off the list, please.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

21 February 2011

The Social Network (2010)


I don't know, but I'm really hoping it's cats that look like Hitler 'cause I can never get enough of that.
So basically: Mark Zuckerberg gets inspired and creates The Facebook, the working title of Facebook. Throughout its development, he brings in his friend Eduardo Saverin to finance the project. Two brothers, the Winklevi, had already hired him to create a school wide social networking site and when The Facebook becomes live, the two are furious that Zuckerburg stole their idea and sue. Months after the release, Eduardo also feels like Mark has been using him for his own gain and sues. In between two lawsuits, the creation of Facebook is told through flashbacks.

Ok, so there were a lot of funny lines in this film - partially because I'm a giant geek - but it wasn't enough. The film was boring and much too long. And wtf?! Facebook is not interesting enough to warrant a film, nor is Mark Zuckerburg and his lawsuits. Why was this movie even made? Stupid Facebook. The only redeeming part of this film was Eduardo`s character, who I thought was kind of awesome.

It does have some funny lines and some good supporting cast, but it defs does not deserve to be on the list. Boring film.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

20 February 2011

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962)


When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.
So basically: Senator Ransom Stoddard returns to Shinbone, a small Western town, with his wife to attend an old friend's funeral. There, the local newspaper wants to get an exclusive interview on who exactly this old friend, Tom Doniphon, is. Senator Stoddard recounts his yearly days in Shinbone, when he was a young lawyer from the east, and his feud with local gangster Liberty Valance.

Can I just say that Tom Doniphon is a douche? This is the only movie I've paid attention to with John Wayne in it, and I'm not impressed. I just wanted to punch him. The rest of the movie was good. Jimmy Stewart was again perfect for the role - I wonder if he was at all like that in real life ... Anyway, despite its Westernness, it's well paced and kept my attention.

So, yup, I think it does deserve to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

19 February 2011

The King's Speech (2010)


Because I bloody well stammer!
So basically: The Duke of York, "Bertie," is plagued with a stutter that affects his ability to speak in public. Worried and out of options, his wife hired unorthodox speech therapist Lionel Logue and reluctantly Bertie accepts his help. With the untimely death of his father, the former king, and his brother, the next in line, unwilling to lead the country, Bertie ascends to the throne as King George VI just as World War II breaks out.

Yey Colin Firth! He was epic as Bertie and Geoffrey Rush was amazing beside him. They definitely carry the film well. But, the subject matter ... dragged on a bit. There was a little bit in the middle where I just wished the film would end, but it started out well and defs ended very excitingly. Also Helena Bonham Carter! Wow! Who knew she could do that?

It was definitely a lot better than some movies on the list, but I don't think it deserves a spot.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

18 February 2011

The Fighter (2010)


That guy did not just get off the fuckin' couch. If he did, I'm gonna get a couch like that.
So basically: The true story of light welterweight champion "Irish" Mickey Ward in his early years. He must somehow find a balance between his family, who has always been there for him, especially his brother Dicky, his coach and the career he has always dreamed of.

NO! WHY?! I thought Rocky was bad! Or even The Wrestler! But no, this trumps all fighting movies as the worst. I don't like these kinds of movies - but hey, I did give Rocky a seal of approval, so there are exceptions! - and so I wasn't expecting to like this at all. But, I did not expect it to be this bad. The Wrestler I could at least tolerate watching the second time, but I think I would run away screaming if someone wanted me to watch this again. It's bland and annoying and I want to punch them all in the face!

I have no idea how this got on the list in the first place. It is just a bad movie!

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

16 February 2011

Sherlock Jr (1924)


We are lost! He is sending for the world's greatest detective - Sherlock Jr.!
So basically: A projectionist wishes he could be a detective. When he is accused of theft and dismissed by the woman he loves, he daydreams a parallel universe where he is a world class detective on a similar case.

This is a charming film. Buster Keaton is hilarious! He doesn't surpass Charlie Chaplin, but he does come close! I'm kind of upset that this film continues to get booted off the list! The effects are stunning, too. It was fabulous to watch Keaton through his dream world.

This should defs be higher on the list!

Ziggi seal of approval!