26 May 2011

Tenkou no Shiro Rapyuta (1986)


A girl just fell from the sky, boss!
So basically: On the run from pirates, Sheeta, a young girl, falls from to sky into the arms of a poor boy named Pazu. She carries with her a mysterious crystal passed down through her family. Together they set out to uncover the mysteries of Sheeta's crystal and the floating city Pazu dreams about finding.

This isn't my favourite Studio Ghibli production. In fact, I mostly forget about - it was one of the ones I saw once I got older ... I don't know why, because it is a fantastic film. The story is full of adventure and enough lore to surround you into their world. The characters ... well, the pirates are pretty awesome. But the rest are only so-so - maybe that's why it's not up there.

It is a Studio Ghibli film, and I have been saying they all deserve to be on the list - but since they can't all be on the list, I would have to keep this one off of it.
Ziggi seal of disapproval