12 October 2010

Paths of Glory (1957)


War began between Germany and France on August 3rd 1914.

So basically: During WWI, under the command of General Mireau, the French army tries to take The Anthill from the Germans. When the time comes to advance past the trenches, however, the French troops either refuse to leave or retreat, some not even making it past their own wire, as they know the attack is futile. To make an example, three soldiers are picked to stand at a court martial. Colonel Dax sees that Gen Mireau is doing this just to save his own neck and stands as lawyer for the three accused, all innocent and brave soldiers.

This is my least favourite film of Kubrick's that I really like - if that makes any sense. This film tries to show the absurdity of war through the eyes of three soldiers, and I think it does that very convincingly. The protagonists in this film are a little eccentric, but it was necessary to the message and plot of the movie. This movie stirs great emotion from the audience which, I think, makes it such a great film.

Of course this should be on the list!

Ziggi seal of approval!

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