19 October 2010

WALL·E (2008)


Give me the plant.
So basically: WALL-E, joined by a cockroach, is the only thing moving around on a futuristic Earth. All alone, his only function is to make garbage cubes, in order to clean up the planet for human descendants to return to. On one of his outings, he comes across a plant, which he quickly puts into a shoe for safekeeping. Shortly after, EVE, a robot programmed to scavenge Earth for signs of life, arrives and takes the plant. WALL-E falls in love and follows her to her ship full of fat, demoralized human beings.

Nothing in this film is new. We all have heard the woes about destroying our planet and how humans are becoming fat and lazy. So really, the story doesn’t have anything to do with why this film is awesome. It’s the interesting approach Disney-Pixar took, that is to say, from the point of view of robots. There is barely any human interaction in the film and when there is, mainly the two humans who fall in love, isn’t anything spectacular. The Captain, however, is an interesting and humorous character. The audience is also charmed by the myriad of robots doing their jobs on the ship, which adds a great background for WALL-E and EVE’s adventures.

It’s an adorbs film full of laughs and delightful moments, and some very sad ones, too. I don’t think it should be this high, but it defs deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval.


  1. ... And A.C.'s seal of AWESOME!
    Well reviewed, sir, well reviewed.

  2. I like the way that they use mostly non-verbal communication in this movie and you're never wanting for dialogue.

  3. No, it shouldn't be this high... It should be 52 spots higher :D