21 October 2010

Saving Private Ryan (1998)


Where's the sense of riskin' the lives of the eight of us to save one guy?
So basically: Touched by the loss of a woman’s three sons, the government sends a platoon of men across European soil in World War Two to find and send home her fourth son.

It’s one bloody sentence! How did a movie that can be summed up in one bloody sentence get on the list? I mean, the characters are all kind of blah, even Tom Hanks! How did that happen?! And the story, tho based on some historical accuracy, is completely and utterly stupid! Even the platoon knows what they’re doing is a complete waste of military resources! I mean, lots of people lost loved ones during the war, what makes this woman so special? Just because three of four sons are dead? Please.

Ahhh! No, no, no, no, no! I do not get this at all!!

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. oh that's too bad - i enjoy this one.

  2. It was a good movie, I'm not going to lie, but I just can't get over the premise. It just angers me.

  3. Rage Ziggi is RAGE! xD

    I remember Bucket's brother getting mad when she and I began making fun of it. Oh, the lols.

  4. RAGE!!!

    hahaha, srs? What did you say about it?

  5. xD I don't even remember. Probably something stupid like "Saving Ryan's Privates" or something! Lol!

  6. classic movie..made me crazy on war films...