01 September 2010

Das Leben der Anderen (2006)


The best way to establish guilt or innocence is non-stop interrogation.
So basically: An East German National Security Agent is employed to put a tap on an actress and her playwright boyfriend. During his nights of listening, he becomes attached to the people he is supposed to be spying on and tries to protect them against the socialist regime.

Homg! This movie is so boring. Think about it. It's not even interesting in the summary. Check anywhere. I mean, if the characters weren't dull, the movie would probably be fine. But, they are dull. This movie just seems to drag on and you're like, homg! when is this movie going to end? There's nothing going on and the cinematography doesn't help, either. It's bland, too!

I don't know how this got on the list, either! No!

Ziggi seal of disapproval!