01 February 2011

Fanny och Alexander (1982)


If there is a God, then he's a shit, and I'd like to kick him in the butt.
So basically: The patriarch of a theatre family suddenly dies and his wife must remarry. She was an actress in her husband's theatre, but when she marries a Bishop, he whisks her and her two children, Fanny and Alexander, to a remote mansion. There, the children endure his cruelty and must search for a way to escape.

I don't understand the first half of this film. I thought it was dreadfully dull and I wasn't looking forward to the rest. And I think it should have been called just Alexander, or maybe something unrelated to the children's names. Because Fanny doesn't come in until, like an hour into. I remember having to google her to figure out who she was when I didn't know after the first hour. She appeared just after I went back to the film - go figure. But the second half!! (I'm talking about the wedding onwards). I didn't want it to end! I really really didn't. It completely drew me in and was magnificent and eerie and brilliant.

Yeah ... I think I should rewatch this to see the point of the first half - 'cause there has to be one, right? - and it defs deserves to be one the list! I wish it were a bit higher, maybe.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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