03 February 2011

Hauru no Ugoku Shiro (2004)


I don't cook! I'm a scary and powerful fire demon!
So basically: A girl, Sophie, crosses the Witch of the Waste, who curses her into an old woman. She goes in search of a magician to help her and finds Howl's enchanted castle. There she meets a young wizard, Markl, a fire demon, Calcifer, and an animated scarecrow, Turnip, along with Howl himself. They go on an epic adventure to find her youth and she falls in love.

This is one of those films where I never remember the ending, and that's fine for me. It's not like it's a forgettable ending, it's a rather good ending. Actually, it's a pretty amazing ending because, well, watch it and find out. And it goes without saying that it's a beautiful film. All the characters are awesome, as well. Calcifer is definitely my favourite.

It makes me sad that this is one of those films that constantly get knocked off the list, it defs deserves to be on there.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. Howl's moving castle! Awesome movie :D Like all movies in this style, funny, beautiful and wonderful plot. TWO MILLION THUMBS OF LOVE!

    And now I've finished commenting on the movies I've seen!