11 February 2011

Mou Gaan Dou (2002)


I'm a cop.
So basically: The police force sends an agent undercover at the same time a crime shark sends in a batch of young men as moles. Ten years later, Chan Wing Yan and Inspector Lau Kin Ming are deep into their respective undercover roles and are desperately seeking each other out.

Many of you may know the film The Departed, taking place in Boston about the same plot. This was the inspiration – or rather original version – for that. And, I have to agree with everything I’ve read: it is defs better than the American remake. I watched the first half an hour of this film not really into it. I just wanted to get it over with (I did want to see it very badly when I first heard of it, tho). But, after about half an hour, I rly got into it and I’m rly glad I did. The Departed was good, but this takes the story to a whole new level and without the redonk Boston accents! It’s just all kinds of epic.

Defs deserves to be on the list. I know it keeps getting bumped off, but I wish it didn’t.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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