31 January 2011

127 Hours (2010)


This rock... this rock has been waiting for me my entire life.
So basically: While on a hike in Utah, Aron Ralston falls down into a canyon and his arm gets pinned down by a boulder. Unable to break free, he rations his food and water supply hoping for rescue as he relives past memories and slips into hallucinations.

Thank god for this film. I had spent the better part of a weekend watching the other 2010 films that had been recently added to the list. Which all sucked. But this film! I wasn't looking forward to it. It sounded kind of boring. And the parts about the flashbacks sounded kind of annoying. But, how wrong I was. James Franco is a brilliant actor - I knew this, though - and he carries the film brilliantly. homg! I usually don't have to turn away when watching, but this made me! It was extreme and awesome and I loved every minute of it!

Yes! Finally one that deserves to be here!

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. Hi There,
    Good review
    Its a wonderful film,even thou slum dog millionaire sucks,this is a good one from the boile.and music scored by A.R.rehman of chennai capital of tamilnadu, south india,[my place]