30 January 2011

Still here

Dear Viewers,

As you can see, we are finally done the list. Then why, do you ask, are there more reviews to be posted? Well, dear viewers, in order to keep this website current in all your top 250 IMDb movies watching needs, I am writing reviews on all of the new additions each month. I will keep checking the list for new updates, watch them as they appear and post reviews. It isn't going to be in any order, however. And if it is not on the list when you check it, that is fine as well.

So please see the tab at the top for the New Additions. They will be separated according to the month that I found them on the list.

If you are so very tired of the list, however, I am started a new challenge of watching all the Best Picture nominees for the Oscars, starting with this year. That sounds like fun, doesn't it?? So go check it out here: Ziggi vs The Oscars

That is all for now. Happy New Year!


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