08 January 2011

The Dark Knight (2008)


Why so serious?
So basically: Gotham is terrorized by The Joker, a man who loved to cause chaos. Batman is struggling with his role as the vigilante in Gotham and handing over the saving to the new D.A., Harvey Dent, Gotham’s white knight.

Let me tell you how unbiased this review is going to be. I saw it THREE times in theatres, loving each time and thinking, whole-heartedly, that it would surpass Titanic at the box-office (I am SO angry that it was Avatar that finally got there, by the way). So when I say this is a terrible movie, you’re going to agree with me. And it’s only got all the hype because of The Joker and, by extension, Heath Ledger’s amazing acting. I noticed, probably on the third or fourth viewing, that any scene without him in it was just boring. Like, so boring! It hurt. It’s much too long, also. Which I think is the biggest downfall of the film. They tried to shove way too much into it. Especially stuffing Two Face in at the end. That was just unnecessary! He deserves his own film. And what’s with The Joker being all “I don’t plan things, I just go with the chaos,” yet all of his schemes seem very well thought out. Wut?! Yup, so, dull film that is way too long and has too much plot shoved into it. Lastly, I did not know Batman was dying of lung cancer, but that's certainly how he sounds.

Homg! No, not at all deserving of the list.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. Ugh.. I hated Christian Bale as Batman.. hell- I just hate Christian Bale.
    And i whole-heartedly agree with the boring comment. It was too long and Christian Bale can't act.. but Heath Ledger lit up that screen like a sick and twisted Christmas tree.

  2. He sucked as Batman. But I will make you watch epic Christian Bale and you will love him!
    lulz, yes! He distracts you soo well from the bad movie!

  3. This is another movie that is too long. I was ready for it to be over so many times. Infact the scene just before the Joker causes mass pandemonium at the parade or whatever. I remember looking as they pan over the city, and there is one building with like four thousand fire escapes. And I'm like damn that's a lot of stairs....

    Later something happens on them and I was like. Was I supposed to notice the stairs?

    Yup, Joker was the best part of that movie. I feel like there are like three movies in that movie. They really didn't need both Two Face AND the Joker or they could have done it alot better.

  4. Yeah, the last like 45 mins or an hour I kept wanting it to be over and it kept feeling like it was going to be over, and then BAM another act! D:

    I KNOW! I was soo angry at them for putting both villains in it!

  5. Those who don't like The dark knight and Inception on the 250 list,They are the show off on their own critics in their own world,which no one cares ,you dumb-ass