02 January 2011

Goodfellas (1990)


What am I? A schmuck on wheels?
So basically: Henry Hill narrates his rise to power in the New York mob hierarchy.

Narrates is the key word in that “summary” … I don’t get it with Scorsese and his voice-overs! It’s annoying as hell! I keep expecting the introduction, with the voice-over, to end, and it never does! I have this feeling of waiting for the story to happen and then the movie ends! I hate it. I don’t get it, and I don’t understand why everyone loves him for it. I don’t get gangster movies either, but this one at least didn’t bore me to tears, so yey for that!

No! I’m still a blasphemer, but this doesn’t deserve to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. Wow. Man. I loved that movie, but depends a lot of your age.

    When you are in seach of a better identity, and know about other kind of life, you will find this movie being very genuine and thrilling.

    Watch it again on your 30s

  2. ziggi i m watching it now...i love it...:P

  3. I loved it the first time, too!

    I'm actually really upset that I watched it again. I thought it was amazing when I first saw it and was totally impressed.

  4. Always thought this movie has been overrated. But it's one of those films that you get slandered for criticizing. Watch Casino instead, waaay better.

  5. I didn't like either :< But, I do prefer this one to Casino.
    I'm just not a fan of gangster films. Which a lot of people [contributing to the list] are

  6. Doesn't belong on the list? Why you breakin' balls?

  7. The voiceover is there to tell you the boring parts of the plot so that you don't need to spend time setting them up in realistic conversation so that the screentime involving dialogue can be devoted primarily to interesting fun character interactions.

  8. do you find it necessary to expose the fact that you really know nothing about movies and/or reviewing them for others to go by?