11 January 2011

Pulp Fiction (1994)


Three tomatoes are walking down the street: a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and smooshes him... and says, Catch up. 
So basically: Two hitmen for a notorious crime boss, Marsellus Wallace, must retrieve a stolen case for him. One of the hitmen, Vincent Vega, is also hired by Marsellus to take his wife out while he is out of town. A boxer is paid by Marsellus to throw his next fight, but the two of them end up getting taken hostage. And two small time robbers attempt to rob the café they are in.

I LOVE QUENTIN TARANTINO!!! I had to use caps just to get the message across, because after reading this review, I don’t think anyone will believe me. I’m pretty sure this is the first Quentin Tarantino film I saw, at least the first one I remember, and it put me off of him. But, since there are a lot of Tarantino films on the list, I was forced to watch them and I have loved every single one – and am still amazed that people do not love him as a writer/director. But, I just don’t get this film. Everything about it is just trivial and like, wut?! Why are they constantly talking about things that don’t matter? There isn’t even a plot! WHY?! would you put me through this??? Ack! Yeah. I don’t get why people love this film so much and it makes *no* sense why it’s the top Tarantino film, let alone in the top 5 IMDb movies!!

No. I don’t get why this is even here!

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. This is one of my majour qualms with Tarantino, because so many people are like OMFG TARANTINO PULP FICTION.
    And I'm like *narrows eyes* You just like it cause there's anal rape and dead n*gger storage don't you?
    And they're all LALALALALA *skips through a field of retardation*

    Really I just don't get it, it's like one of those things that I HONESTLY believe NO ONE likes but they PRETEND they like to be pretentious and wave their like and appreciation for it in your face. Like Black Metal! Or fucking ridiculously spicy food!

    Things that are enjoyable should not cause pain, you're not a special and unique snowflake cause you like crap. You're a retard.

    So yes. I agree :)

  2. I totally agree! [With the second paragraph :P]

    YEY!! So many people think I am odd. 'Cause I love Tarantino and hate this film

  3. You gotta watch it again, and keep watching it until you get it, then you will like it.

    You don't like it coz you don't get it.


  4. Hey Ziggi, I certainly agree with a lot approvals you have given on other movies but I strongly recommend that watch this one again.... The movie talks about a bunch of guys falling from one trouble to another...Since its non-linear you need to interconnect all the scenes in proper order and then it will make sense..In fact when I first saw it, it made me re run all the scenes again at the back of my mind...and the movie has a lot of surprising twists and turns... I loved the scene when John Travolta accidentally shoots the guy and the recital of the biblical verse...

  5. It's awesome beacause it's the epiphany of cool. That is all.

  6. Have to agree with Dalojones and Zoe.
    And I disapprove your unnecessary degrading comments, you don't need to piss on something you don't want to understand.
    Kinda pretentious.

    Anyway, all the best

  7. I don't want to understand? When did I say that? I DO want to understand this film! More than any other film ever! I just don't.

    Sorry if it came off as "unnecessary degrading comments" I was just pointing out why I did not enjoy this film.

  8. Well, what I mean to say is that it takes lots of life experience and understanding of the background to be a good critic on whatever there is to criticise and I don't mean just experience, sometimes time itself connects some dots for totally different point of view. Maybe you'll see this particular movie or another from a different angle six months from now, actually I'm pretty sure you will.
    I know movies for me have always been like an alcohol. I remember I did not like wine at all when I was younger, slurped all the sweet ciders and sh*it. And there it is, some pieces are getting better and some loose the meaning what was thin to begin with.

    So, there goes toast to evolution! :)

  9. Should be in top 100 ,not where it is now

  10. I assume you don't get the pop-cultural reference-fest it is, really. Yes, he usually flings in a bunch of them, but this film is more or less only those. I'm trying hard not to be patronizing here, but the it simply seems it references things you're not familiar with. In my opinion, this and Reservoir Dogs are Tarantino's only really good films, and Death Proof comes in at third.

  11. Ziggi, other comments are telling you to watch it again. Don't. This is one of my favourite films of all time but you either love it, or you just dont 'get it'.

    It's the most uncomplicated films of all time, watching it again will not help you understand it better. It's main attraction is the simple realistic dialogue with it's charismatic characters. Finding appreciation in a well written dialogue is the key to 'getting' this film. I dont understand how you gave Reservoir Dogs such a strong seal of approval while hating Pulp. Dogs probably has even less plot, yet you use Pulp's lack of plot as a means of criticism. Just my 2 cents anyway!

  12. I've been neglecting commenting for awhile now [mostly because of school, partly because I'm not sure anyone comes back to check ...]

    But, here goes: I hate myself for not loving this film - as I am a huge fan of Tarantino [this being the only film I do not love]

    One person mentioned that I don't get the reference-fest this film is, that's probably right. I wish I did.

    I don't know why I love Reservoir Dogs over this, I can't explain it.

    I'm just going to have to live with "not getting in" I guess

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  14. Hello Ziggi.

    That is one movie I'll have to disagree with you. I have always been a great fan of art, and in that, I use to count many score points to the effort that the writer, composer (music) or director had put into it in order to create it or make it real. For example, Dance music or any other type of electronic music, which was created under a computer formula that only change values to variables, I consider as pure garbage. As well as movies, the pattern is the same. When it comes to Avatar, for instance. Obviously this is a complete rip off from Pocahontas, so, clearly the only element that worth credit on this movie, is the graphics.

    By the other hand, when the subject is Pulp Fiction, it looks completely different. Can you imagine how hard and how creative Tarantino had to turn to come up with the whole concept of this movie? How original this is? I mean, this concept of several stories that end up weaving with each other in a crazy way was model for lots of other good movies (including the so acclaimed City of God) and it will remain stated like this.

    And of course we need to look out for the great great great staff we got working on this movie. Come on, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Tarantino himself, and several more. And of course, the best scene from the whole history of the universe of cinema, is in this movie: When Samuel L. Jackson makes that Brett s*** his pants with fear. That whole dialogue is brilliant. Actually the best feature in this movie is how the dialogues are developed for persons from different universes throughout the movie.

    I'm a big fan of Tarantino's work, and Pulp Fiction is - in my opinion - his best breed, and believe or not, first time I watched this movie, I didn't like it. So, maybe someday you'll "get it".

    - David

  15. I have seen only the first half-hour of this movie, and I was repulsed by the senseless vulgarity of it.
    While there may actually be lots of people in this world like the characters portrayed in the movie, I sure don't want to know any of them, much less watch them humiliating and abusing other human beings with their selfish and heartless arrogance.

    Yes, I know IT'S JUST A MOVIE, and I should suspend reality while I watch, but one of the reasons I like GOOD movies is because they can make me feel good about myself and maybe the world, and this movie sure does not do that. It seems to glorify hatred, irreverence and evil. That's why I find it so curious that it receives such high reviews.

  16. You need to see it with the "right Kind of eyes," as Hunter S. would say. Take the gold watch, please. It came from a man's ass, and landed in little Butch's hands. On one level, it represents racism, the "shit" that is passed down the generations. Note Capt. Koons's racist diatribe, and that he represents Sgt. Stacey Koons, the cop who beat Rodney King.

    Rusty Shackleford, smokin' it up over here, boss.

  17. Hey Ziggi, I dont know if you are still following your posts, but here's my opinion:

    This is Tarantino's best yet. I would agree with David Lago that this is technically brilliant movie and one of the most innovative movie to be made. Apart from Tarantino's, i think this is the best performance any director has ever got from John Travolta and Samuel Jackson.
    I watched the movie 12 years ago for the first time and couldn't get it. I watched it recently (after watching about 1000 others) and came to appreciate the sheer brilliance of it. On my second viewing of this film, i couldn't stop smiling throughout the movie. It was just so refreshing from the usual politically correct crap ones which adhere to the basic formula.
    Watch it again, after you've watched enough.....

  18. You cant look at this like most of his other movies.. this movie takes a section, or chunk, of time, and focuses on a loosely related group of people, then portrays the tapestry of an interwoven story.. the dialouge, while it seems superflous to the story, provides insight into Tarantino's (as always) incredibly interesting characters... this movie needs to be viewed for its immense, and in my opinion, unparalelled entertainment value.