07 December 2010

American Beauty (1999)


I feel like I've been in a coma for the past twenty years. And I'm just now waking up.
So basically: Lester Burnham lives the typical suburban life: boring job, picture-esque wife, rebellious teenager daughter. From the outside, his life is pretty average, but when Lester spirals down into depression, he reaches the breaking point. He falls in love with his daughter’s beautiful best friend, starts taking drugs from the boy next door, quits his job, and basically turns his life upside down.

This movie is fucked up. But what else can you expect from Kevin Spacey? He takes on the role brilliantly, like srs. He was basically made to play the role of Lester. I kno I’m being slightly hypocritical in my praise of this movie, since it is one of those artsy-type movies that I’ve generally regarded as crap. But, sometimes they are done well, and I think this one is. I mean, this film rly makes the audience go ‘ew, creep-out factor.’ It creates such a strong reaction in the audience and I think that was the point.

This film will make you squirm in your seat and feel uncomfortable, but it’s so worth it. Maybe watch it with someone you are very comfortable with!

Ziggi seal of approval.

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  1. Yes, totally agree. This film was one of them cool arty type films that actually succeeded. A rare thing!