13 December 2010

Citizen Kane (1941)



So basically: Charles Foster Kane is super rich and owns a lot of newspapers. He is loved by a lot of people and hated by just as many. On his deathbed, he whispers Rosebud, which sets off an investigation by one journalist to discover the meaning, to hopefully shed light on the man’s life. The journalist talks to his second wife, his ex-best friend, his manager, and others to make sense of his life.

This is like the ultimate cinema sin, but I’m not in love with this movie. I think maybe if I hadn’t known the twist – and I mean, who doesn’t at this point, it’s the most well-known, quoted twist in film – it would have been pretty interesting. But I did know. The curious part came in how they figured it out, which was a big rip off, let me tell you. The film itself wasn’t boring or anything and it was well paced and put together. It was just kind of douchey and I didn’t really want to know Kane, I just couldn’t care. But, that was to be expected from “the greatest movie ever.”

So, you should definitely check this out, just to say you have, but … I don’t even want to say it. It was, however, better than I was expecting. So, yey for that.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

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