06 December 2010

American History X (1998)


Has anything you've done made your life better?

So basically: Danny Vinyard is a highschool student and neo-nazi living in America. His principal, concerned with Danny’s anger and racism, has him write a paper on his older brother, Derek Vinyard. Derek has just been released from prison after murdering a black man. Through writing the paper and the return of his idolized brother, Danny learns valuable lessons about life and hatred.

My summary sucks. Basically this movie is about Derek being released from prison with a new outlook on life; namely that bigotry, hatred, and racism are pretty lame. Once he’s released, however, he finds his little brother is following in his footsteps to becoming a major member of the local neo-nazi organization. Everyone around him is worried, and Derek tries to get his brother to understand what happened to him in prison. The themes are pretty simple enough and we’ve all heard them before, but the way in which it’s presented is pretty new. I can’t think of another movie like this one. Not to mention Edward Norton and Edward Furlong are pretty epic actors.

Defs check this one out. It’s a bit violent, but it’s totally worth it!

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. What other movies has his girlfriend been in? I really can't place her but her giant lips are entirely familiar.

    Also this was a good movie, sad that the Neo Nazis love it so, as they see it almost as a martyrdom cause as a whole they're pretty ignorant and lack the basic grasp of literary concepts and generally warnings against Hatred...But alas if everyone was intelligent we wouldn't have anything exciting to talk about...Like wars or pollution.

  2. She plays Vicky in the waterboy, she's also in the craft