29 December 2010

Rear Window (1954)


When two people love each other, they come together - WHAM - like two taxis on Broadway.
So basically: A week before he is scheduled to get out of a leg cast that has rendered him housebound, photographer L.B. Jeffries, aka Jeff, is witness to what he suspects to be a murder. He tells his nurse, who scoffs at him, telling him to stay out of other peoples’ business, and his girlfriend, who doesn’t believe him until she witnesses some funny business herself. The three of them spy on the suspected murderer from the rear window, trying to gather evidence for Jeff’s detective friend.

I remember not liking this on first viewing at all, but I can’t remember why. I didn’t mind it this time. Again, I don’t rly like Hitchcock very much, but I’m not predisposed to dislike his films. I give them a change, at least. And I was pretty interested in finding out what happened in this one. So, it kept my attention, which is a lot more than his other films. But, I did find it a bit slow and the characters all very static – which makes a bit of sense given that it mostly takes place in that one room, but it could have been handled better.

For that, I don’t think this deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. You found this film a bit slow? A bit? WTF it's slower than a turtle dragging a jumbo jet. The story had enough going for a 30 minute short at best. I'm sure directing and acting were fine, it's just not enough events for a full length movie.

  2. Well, I tend to like slow paced movies, so ...
    But, agreed, it would have made a better short.

  3. Yes, this movie is downright mediocre. It's well-made in terms of acting and filming, but there's just nothing going on in the story.

  4. seriously u r all big tym losers if u found this film boring or if u think it doesn't deserve to be in the top 250....If u dislyk this movie than please close down your critic shop asap. You all are simply fooling the readers :P :P

  5. Sorry it wasn't DieHard....
    Wake up all you Roger Eberts, this is one of the greatest films ever made. Movies were different in early fifties.
    Great film