15 July 2010

Big Fish (2003)



So basically: Will Bloom hasn't talked to his father in three years, but when he gets word his father is dying, he and his pregnant wife go to visit him. Will was always angry at his father for telling elaborate stories of his life and he just wants to figure out the truth before his father dies. Told in flashbacks and narrative, the story of Edward Bloom is revealed.

It has the oompa loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. How cool is that? The awesome factor of this movie is slightly taken away by Miley Cyrus - I'll leave it up to you to spot her (she's really only on screen for, like, 5 minutes). And The Penguin! from Batman - yes I kno Danny DeVito has been in many things, like Matilda! Anyway, this is defs the best Tim Burton film, as I have already mentioned my distaste for him. And Ewan McGregor, who unfortunately did not get naked in this film, but there was a naked chick twice, so we can forgive him.

This movie brings the audience into a fantastical world which is still somewhat believable - it's supposed to be believable stories with a little bit of flare! Should be on the list and you should watch it. Yes. Right now. Shoo!

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. I love love love love this movie. I could watch it over and over... but fast forward the part with Miley Cyrus

  2. She was just a kid! You can't blame her!! It's her parents!! D:

  3. Personal pet peeve of mine is a hatred of a movie for the actors in it. That's like saying Eugh, I hate puppet shows, white socks are the worst thing ever...You figure out that simile while I continue ranting. Seriously I have this problem with practically everyone I have ever known, yea so what they sucked as Judy in the movie rendition of your favourite book and you'll NEVER FORGIVE THEM! Well the director and producers picked them, the director okayed the scenes, and all the bitch did was speak some lines and get a pay check. IT DOESN'T MEAN SHE'LL ALWAYS SUCK AT SPEAKING SOME LINES AND GETTING A PAY CHECK. People improve, people try different rolls, people get cast in different rolls.

    ANYWAYS! Awesome frickin movie, such a good movie, everything is amazing and awesome and amazing. Visually, and the plot and the excellent tension between the son and his dying father is amazing.

  4. I don't get where your rant is coming from? Because I said Miley Cyrus? I was mostly joking, btdubs. It didn't actually tarnish the film other than 'OMG!!! MINI MILEY CYRUS!! D:'

    But, yes, epic film

  5. Lol the rant was mostly unrelated but was sparked by that. And the above comment stating good movie fast forward passed a child actress...Who happened to get picked up by Disney later. Love you above commenter but you lit MY FURY! Raaaaw! My father must be FORCED to watch anything with Jim Carrey in it regardless of the plot. And my evil boyfriend from evilville flat out refuses to watch anything with Michael Cera in it...Which of course, includes Scott Pilgrem.


    I wouldn't refuse to watch a film because of an actor, but I might go into it a little unwillingly