06 July 2010

Changeling (2008)


Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

So basically: Christine Collins leaves her son at home when she gets called into work suddenly. When she returns, he's missing, but the police refuse to file her case until 24 hours after he's disappeared. Months later, after much searching, a boy matching Christine's son is found and brought to Los Angeles. She meets him at the train station, but it is not her son. Instead of admitting their mistake, the police insist that Christine is hysterical and denying her son to get out of responsibility. Now, Christine must fight the police force, with the help of Reverend Briegleb who's dedicated to exposing the corruption of the LAPD, and to help her find her real son.

Captivating movie. When I saw the trailers, I just wanted to find out the mystery of it all and I went into the movie not expecting anything. Till the very end of the picture, the audience is left wondering what happened to the boy and feels sympathy for Christine. I didn't think Angelina Jolie would be suited for the role, but she is absolutely stunning in her performance (I'm not fond of her normally). The two story lines, the missing Collins boy, and the man who murders boys, is intricately woven in together as the audience is trying to fit all the pieces together themselves.

Defs should be on the list and get all the "prestige."

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. Before I went to see this, I thought that Jolie was gonna ruin the movie, but she didn't. Good movie!

  2. As did I, which was the only reason I didn't see this film earlier.
    But agreed, she was excellent as Christine Collins