26 July 2010

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)


Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.
So basically: A young Viking, Hiccup, just wants to fit in with his tribe and live up to the expectations of his father, the leader of the tribe. Unfortunately, Hiccup is a small, clumsy boy (and he knows it) so in order to try and take down a dragon, the quintessential act of Vikinghood, he invents a canon-like device. When the dragons start to attack, Hiccup gets a clear shot of the mysterious Night Fury and takes it. When he goes to investigate where the dragon lands, he finds he cannot kill it and instead lets it free. What's even more bizarre is that the dragon lets him live! Hiccup then discovers that the Night Fury is missing half its tail. He makes a tail fin for it and together they learn to fly-- and Hiccup learns that everything the Vikings know about dragons is wrong. Instead of proving himself to be a true Viking, Hiccup wants to enlighten his people and bring peace to the village.

Aw! I love this movie! It's cute and awesome and come on! The guys who made it did MULAN! do you know how kick-ass that movie is? Should defs be on the list. Anyway, about How to Train Your Dragon. This movie is equally awesome as Mulan. Hiccup is a brilliant character. I love how, unlike most fantasy stories where the main character discovers they're meant to be some great person, Hiccup is just a boy. He doesn't have a destiny, he doesn't have some true calling, and he isn't perfect. The world doesn't revolve around him, but he does improve his village a lot. The only thing I don't like is Astrid and how she's this tiny blonde thing. Gah! But, she is pretty kick ass, so that kind of makes up for it - and she is voiced by America Ferrera! Also, the ending is awesome. It isn't perfect, either. They do save the day, but they don't win flawlessly, either.

This should totes be higher on the list. And should totes be higher.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. This movie makes me want to stab reality with a fork and go fly some dragons. What I wouldn't give to be a crazy delusional.