28 July 2010

Ratatouille (2007)


Another wordy review by the guest reviewer!
Remy, a rat with culinary aspirations, lives in the walls and gardens of an old lady's house with his family of rough, down-to-earth rats. Although his father drafts him into serving the clan as a poison detector, Remy wants to cook. When a mishap leads to the rats' emergency evacuation from their old home, he finds himself alone in Paris and, eventually, cooking in secret at one of the finest restaurants in the city. There's deception, undeserved fame, hidden wills, ridiculous plots, and more.

This movie was very fun - boisterous and entertaining and quirky. Remy and Linguini's friendship is cute and the movie's message is sweet. Ratatouille was good, but not great. The characters were definitely likeable, but - for me at least - not lovable. It made me laugh, but never cry or really care. I enjoyed it, but wasn't too invested.

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  1. I did not want to watch this movie again and I always want to watch animated movies like forty times. So yeah. I get it.

  2. Rats cooking food = completely nasty, no matter how cutsie they make it.