07 July 2010

Manhattan (1974)


I finally had an orgasm, and my doctor said it was the wrong kind.
So basically: Woody Allan plays 42 year old neurotic Isaac in the city of Manhattan. He and his best friend Yale are both in search of love. Isaac's ex-wife has left him for another woman and now he's dating a 17 year old. Yale is "happily" married to Emily, but now is casually seeing Mary. The four of them are now engaged in a love square as they prounce around downtown New York being pretentious.

What a pretentious and douchey film. It was my first Woody Allen film and it's totes turned me off him for good - I've seen Annie Hall, too, which didn't alleviate the feeling. First off, his relationship with Tracy is so disturbing. Not because of the fact she's a minor, but the age difference is just too big! srs! And he's totes using her. Here's a girl who's never been in love before and then she's swept up by Isaac and his life. While she's falling in love with him, he just thinks of it as a fling. How totally unfair for her! And at the end, when things don't work out with the girl Isaac's "in love" with, he crawls back to Tracy hoping she'll take him back when she's finally gotten over him and going to start an awesome life in London - and he wants her to give that all up, just for him! If you really wanted to be with her, go to London with her, you douche bucket. And Yale? Oh, you've just had two minor things while you're with your wife and that's okay? I'm all for polygamy, but he was just cheating. Which is totes not cool. Diane Keaton as Mary is just annoying. I'm sorry. I never liked her as an actress. She's the most pretentious character evs! Srs, who asks how many moons of Saturn someone can name and then like a big show-off start naming the ones you know?! Gah! Pretentious, douchey film. Don't watch it.

Srs, what can people like about it? There's *some* witty dialogue by Isaac, but it's very scarce. Not a "top" movie.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

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