24 July 2010

Hotaru no Haka (1988)


Why must fireflies die so young?
So basically: During World War II, a 12 year old boy, Seita, and his little sister, Setsuko, are left by themselves when their mother dies in an air raid and their father is off in the navy. After that, they stay with their aunt, where Seita and she get into countless arguments. Deciding it would be better for him and his sister, Seita takes Setsuko to live in an abandoned air raid shelter. Together, they struggle to survive, but Setsuko falls ill due to malnutrition. Seita does everything he can to keep her alive.

Wah! Saddest movie ever. I don't know why I watched it for a second time. At least I had someone there with me, yey. The power of this film, I think, lies with the characters of Seita and Setsuko, neither of who know how to cope with everything they're going through. Seita tires his best, but it really isn't enough and no one is around to help him - least of all his aunt. Some people think she's justified, and I can sort of see their point, but she was much meaner than she should have been. I mean, srs. He's a twelve year old boy who lost his mother, doesn't know where his father is, and has to care for a little girl. Caring for Setsuko is enough responsibility for him, it's not like his aunt was helping him with that at all!

Does this deserve to be on the list? Well, yes. It is a really good movie, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. I've seen the beginning of this movie but then half way through my browswer keeps crashing. Totally sad, I totally agree. And I think it could have been bumped up a few places.

  2. I cry like five times!!
    You should defs see the rest *gives to you*