25 July 2010

The Gold Rush (1925)


Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Charlie Chaplin!
So basically: Charles Chaplin plays The Lone Prospector, a poor man looking for gold in Alaska. During a blizzard, he stumbles upon a cabin, which is already being occupied by two other people. The three of them argue as they wait out the storm. Once the blizzard ends, The Lone Prospector wanders into a dance hall and falls in love with one of its patrons. He was looking for gold, but he found love instead.

This is my least favourite Chaplin film - I've seen all of the ones on the list - but it's still genius. I've only ever seen the reprinted version, y'kno, the one with his narration and a different score apparently, and some scenes are different. I really want to see the original. I don't like that narration - but at least it was done by Chaplin himself. Anyway, I didn't care for the settling, the gold rush, and that's why I didn't like the film. The other elements, the comedy - hilarious! btdubs, anyone who doesn't find him funny has something wrong with them, this is classic humour people! - the romance, the characters are all flawlessly executed.

I don't think it should be this high and defs not above The Kid, but it should totes be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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