26 July 2010

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)


We'll go on forever, Pa, 'cause we're the people.
So basically: In Oklahoma during the Depression, Tom Joad gets out of prison after 4 years to find his entire family missing from their farm. He finds them at his uncle's place, where he learns that the government has foreclosed their house and their uncle's. They have no choice but to pack up everything they own and move west, where there is promise of work. With only one car and many mouths to feed, the trip isn't easy. And once they get to California, things don't improve much, neither.

John Steinbeck writes brilliant stories and I tried to read one of his books (Of Mice and Men - that movie should totes be on the list) but it was so boring. I don't understand it. His movies are interesting and full of characters that feel real, but the books just don't capture that at all. About this movie, then: it's really good. I kno some people won't like it, but still. The characters are interesting, the plot is interesting, and the story is important for people to understand.

Yes, this deserves to be on the list. It is probably a tad slow for modern audiences to appreciate, but I think they should at least give it a try.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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