02 July 2010

Tonari no Totoro (1988)


If Raichu and Snorlax had a baby ...
So basically: These two girls move into an old house in the country with their father while their mother is suffering from an unknown illness in the hospital. The older girl, Satsuki, goes to school while the younger one, Mei, stays home with her father. One afternoon, Mei is playing outside and comes across a little Totoro. She follows this little creature into the forest and to a big tree, where King Totoro is sleeping. Mei climbs on top of him and falls asleep on his stomach. Satsuki comes home from school and notices her sister is missing. Her and her father finally find Mei sleeping alone in the forest and insisting that she saw a Totoro. The movie progresses as Satsuki and Mei are waiting at the bus stop to give their father an umbrella after work and King Totoro comes and waits with them, making his first appearance in front of Satsuki. The Cat-Bus comes along and picks up King Totoro before their father arrives and they go home. One afternoon, they get word to contact the hospital and both girls are worried, but their mother is fine. Little to Mei's knowledge, however, because she has run off to deliver corn to her mother. The whole neighborhood is out looking for Mei and Satsuki enlists the help of King Totoro to find her. Satsuki climbs aboard the Cat-Bus who takes her to her little sister and then to the hospital to check on their mother. Neither of them are sure if their adventure with the Totoros is a dream or reality - as adults cannot see the magical creatures. Mei insists that is real, while Satsuki (the older of the two sisters) is doubtful.

Cutest movie EVAR! that is all

P.S. King Totoro is NOT a death god. Geez. Freaks.

This movie totally deserves the "prestige" of the top 250 movies. Studio Ghibli is amazing and they produce stunning films. Check them out, you won't be disappointed. Pretty much all of them deserve to be on the list (I can't say all of them as I haven't seen them all, but all the ones I've seen do) and defs much higher than in the bottom ten!

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. Lmfao, Raichu/Snorlax is totally my OTP.

    Totoro's belly looks so comfortable. I want a full-sized Totoro plushie to sleep on.

    It is adorable <3

    Death god? Why would he be? Also, very considerate of others's views :P

    Mmmm, now I'm just thinking about snuggly Totoro <33333

  2. lulz :D

    OMG! Locki and I were talking about that on the way to her house after watching this! Clearly it should happen!

    Some people say it is. But, it's totes not! Study Ghibli even said so

    :D <3<3<3<3