03 July 2010

Spartacus (1960)


My tastes include both oysters and snail.
So basically: Spartacus is a rebellious slave in Libya who gets bought by an Italian Gladiatorial ring owner. He is brought to Italy and trained as a Gladiator. When Crassus and co. come for a visit, they insist on the Gladiators fighting to the death. Spartacus is matched with an Ethiopian fighter and loses, but the Ethiopian refuses to kill Spartacus and tries to escape, leading to his own death. Crassus then purchases the slave-girl that Spartacus is in love with; thinking that she is gone, Spartacus goes on a murder rampage and escapes. He then gathers up an army of slaves and marches on to Rome!

I'm an oyster girl myself. The first Kubrick film on the list, yey! Pity it's not very good. At least, in my opinion. For one thing, it's wayyyy too long; and I know Kubrick is known for his long films, but this one seems like it drags on. I didn't like it at all the first time I watched it, but this time I tried to watch it with unbiased eyes. I was interested until they lost and the famous 'I am Spartacus' scene. After that, it seems a tad unnecessary. Although, I did like the ending, because he died instead of winning his revolt.

Does this deserve the "prestige?" I love Stanley Kubrick films to death, but frankly this isn't one of his masterpieces. And I kno it's all famous and everything and considered a classic, but I can't say that it's one of the best 250 movies of all time (waits for backlash)

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. Lmao, Crassus and co. You make them sound like a company or a dance troupe or something.

    Huh, did not know this was a Kubrick film.

    "Well, you know, a bit long, maybe a bit overdone, but...there was lots of dying and a sad ending :D." Nice :P

  2. It would be awesome if they had started dancing! :D

    It is!

    lulz :P

  3. It's interesting you give it your seal of disapproval. Kubrick actually wasn't that fond of it as well. To quote himself: "...and then I did Spartacus, which was the only film I did not have control over and which, I feel, was not enhanced by that fact. It just came down to the fact that there are thousands of decisions that have to be made and if you don't make them yourself, and if you're not on the same wavelength as the people who are making them, it becomes a very painful experience. Which it was."

  4. Huh, I did not know that. That's kind of nifty.
    To be honest, I didn't even know it was a Kubrick film the first time I saw it. Might have something to do with that, then.