17 July 2010

The Hustler (1961)


This is Ames, mister.
So basically: "Fast" Eddie Felson is a talented pool hustler. He and his manager challenge all-time big shot Minnesota Fats. After 25 hours of non-stop pool and a lot of whiskey, Eddie looses. From there he leads a self-destructive path on his way to the top. But will it be worth it?

I've been forced to watch this movie 3 times! And I still think it's one of the boringest movies I've ever seen. Just take the score - which is supposed to enhance the film - it's lounge music! It's like the score is saying, well, the movie is boring, so I must be boring, too. Gah! Why, why, why?! My grandparents actually recommended me this movie, so I was all excited to watch it. Honestly, they usually give very good recommendations, I don't know what happened. And Paul Newman! Olives him so much, why did he have to make such a boring picture? Please don't watch this film if you value your sanity.

As you probably guessed it, this movie totes does not deserve to be on the list!

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

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  1. This movie is a character study. The dialogue is realistic and the characters are dealing with real-life issues. Not your cup of tea?
    Stick to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Pirates of the Carribean.