04 July 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)


Like the Grinch, but a skeleton.
So basically: In Hallowe'en Town, Jack Skellington is bored of the same old thing of scaring people and goes off into the forest. There he finds the door to Christmas Town, where he is instantly drawn into this unusual new holiday. He runs back to his own world to tell the others about Christmas Town, but they just don't understand. In an attempt to explain it to them, he looks into the scientific method and decides to take Christmas upon himself and the other inhabitants of Hallowe'en Town.

When you take away everything awesome about it, this movie sucks. I'm so angry with this film! Without looking at it with a critical eye, it's just a fun movie with awesome musical numbers. And of course it's a cult classic, so I'm defs going to get an earful from everyone. Can I also add to the fire that I hate Tim Burton? Yeah. Srs, tho. Poor, poor perfect Jack, so bored with his perfect life. He even says that he's good at everything! And then he discovers Christmas Town and steals it from all the children of the real world - just like the Grinch! Why doesn't anyone find this appalling? They KIDNAP Santy Claus! And Sally is basically useless in this whole thing. How is she totes in love with a guy she doesn't even talk to? It's totes just a celebrity crush. Geez, give her some more depth than being blindly in love with Jack, will you?

No, this totes does not deserve the "prestige" of the list. And it's not a great film at all! Watch it for the fun of it, but don't pay too much attention to the plot, tho. You've been warned.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. Heh, that is kinda true. But the Grinch was awesome, so that's okay.

    :O :O :O
    If you take everything awesome away from any movie, it sucks. I have a very sinking feeling that this review is not going to end well D:

    YOU HATE TIM BURTON? I may cry.

    So he has some existential angst, there are worse things. And he's not TRYING to ruin Christmas, it just sorta turns out that way.

    ...I do have to agree with you about Sally, though.

    *wibble wibble* You just ruined my delicate psyche as much as Jack ruined Christmas. (aka sort of but it'll get better in five minutes when I read your next review unless it makes me cry too).

  2. Well, yeah, be he's so Grinchy! It's horrible! :<

    It's not, I'm sorry.

    I do. I'm sorry. He irks me!

    Yeah, but he steals Christmas from the people who usually do it! He should have ASKED if he could help. I mean, srs! How rude!


    I'm terribly sorry.

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  4. I'd like to start off by saying I loved this movie since childhood or as the super awesome lovely scene kids say "I like this movie before it was cool" *shudders*

    Jack is bored with doing the same damn thing all the damn time - Sounds like everyone I've ever known who's had to do anything more than once? It's mostly about the fact that it's lonely at the top and maybe though everyone tells you you are PERFECT for something that maybe you kinda hate it - And maybe that's okay. Because that's who Tim Burton is always talking to, the people who rarely ever get talked to because everyone takes them for granted or thinks they're weird.

    Jack is depressed with his current "perfect life" and is completely blown away to find out there are other options in life - Kinda like most highschool kids who get to college and find out HOLY SHIT! THERE ARE JOBS OTHER THAN WORKING AT MC DONALD'S OR BEING A DOCTOR?!
    Because of the fact he's only known one life and was pretty sure he was going to be stuck forever doing the same thing that he hates because everyone says he should, he gets REALLY FRICKIN EXCITED! And in being really excited, yeah, maybe he does mess up, but he doesn't WANT to ruin or steal Christmas, he merely wants a life that doesn't involve setting his head on fire, a life on his terms - is that so wrong?

    Sally - Aw Sally girl with a Celebrity crush, really you have to take this with a grain of salt because most movies brush over things like chemistry, mental connection, or sexual compatibility and go for the age old cop out of LOVE AT FIRST SITE! But wait a second...

    Sally was created to essentially be a slave to Dr. Wiggleylip, something she really had no interest in doing, she wanted to be her own person get out and be free! Maybe take a walk sometime? But no, the only way THAT was going to happen is if she slipped him some sleeping aids and escaped quickly causing herself physical damage. DAUNTING! But obviously, freedom was something worthwhile to her. And how does she first encounter Jack?

    While trying to reattach her arm in a quiet place Jack enters the grave yard Sally has taken refuge, hiding away she hears Jack's most inner and vulnerable dialogue. Jack is singing about how despite the fact that he IS good at what he does (To say otherwise would be lying) it doesn't make him happy. What he does does not fulfill him or represent him as a person and he craves something else, something more. FREEDOM from the expectations of him.

    What was that!? MENTAL COMMON GROUND!? Common aims, and you know understanding of each other's most basic want in life. To be their own person and not have to do what others expect them to.

    Granted, this is a teenage pipe dream, TO BE FREE AND LIVE AWAY FROM THE OPPRESSION OF OTHER'S EXPECTATIONS AND LIKE HOMEWORK AND STUFF! But it's a want that countries are founded on, small businesses are created, and indeed lovers connect.

    I'm entirely confused as to what you wanted out of this story - there has to be some conflict, I'm sorry the conflict involved ruining Christmas :p But everything gets fixed. Jeez.

  5. I don't want anything from this film.
    I just don't think it's that great, rly.
    I see where you are coming from, tho, but still it was a film about a selfish douche.