02 July 2010

Monsters, Inc. (2001)


Mike Wazowski!!
So basically: On the other side of your closet is a world full of monsters. Their world is powered by children's screams gathered up by Monsters, Inc. Monsters Inc. is a large factory where "scarers" scare the children and their screams are collected in yellow containers to use as energy. One such scarer is James P "Sulley" Sullivan, a large blue and purple monster. One night, as he's running an errand for a friend, he notices that a door was left behind on the work-floor. He enters, looking for a late scarer inside, and comes across a little girl instead. Children are poisonous to all monsters - at least, that's what they've been told. Sulley tries to put her back, but Randall (his rival) shows up before he manages and puts the door away. Now Sulley and Mike must get the little girl safely home with the CDA - Child Detection Agency - running around the whole factory looking for her. Everything seems hopeless when Randall comes up with a plan - an untrustworthy plan - and Sulley and Mike must figure out how to save the day before it's too late.

I love this movie. The voice acting is awesome - there's Mr Potato Head! (The Snowman, if you didn't get that). And Yoda! Yoda!! Who wouldn't want to watch a movie with Yoda in it? (He's the red monster helping Randall, sadly). Just rewatching it now and thinking what I'm going to write, I noticed that it parallels our own world: we have almost used up all of our energy resources and must now look for something better, much like in the monster world, as children are harder to scare. That was weird. Go kids movies! Anyway, watch this movie. It's filled with laughs and cuteness and people from any age can enjoy it!

Does it deserve the "prestige?" Yes. It combines lovable characters, a creative plot, a dash of commentary for the adults, and the fear of closets all into one movie. It's a movie that anyone, and everyone, can watch and love.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. Finally, one I have seen all the way through and actually remember! I hope you fail it so we can argue since I would actually be able to do so with this movie.

    Seriously, Yoda? Did not know.

    Also, never noticed the social commentary. I guess I was too caught up in the lovable characters and creative plot :P

    I am glad you passed it after all, 'cause your review is more eloquent that mine would've been.

  2. tsk tsk sho-bunny!
    D: blasphemy! [tho, there is at least two so far you're going to argue with me!]

    totes! awesome, eh?

    lulz, same here!