07 July 2010

Planet of the Apes (1968)


Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!
So basically: a crew of four is sent out on a space expedition and in order to not age, they are placed into suspended animation. When they wake up, they find their ship has crash landed on an unknown planet and that one of their crew is already dead. They escape their sinking ship and paddle up the river in a life craft. There, they encounter primitive humanoids but get attacked and separated by apes on horses! One of the crew, Taylor, gets captured and put into a cage under the supervision of Dr Zira. The ape society hates humans as a whole and think they are unintelligent creatures. Taylor tries to prove them wrong, but his throat has been damaged and he is unable to speak. With the help of Dr Zira, her fiance, and her nephew, Taylor must escape captivity.

I was familiar with the remake of this movie and didn't think very highly of it. This version, however, was much, much better. It's free from the unnecessary CGI used in today's sci-fi movies and concentrates more on the story and the characters. And, of course, it being sci-fi you must allow for some leeway in the facts - like the likelihood of the apes speaking the same form of English we do now. I wish I could have seen this movie when it was released, free from the knowledge of how it ended (I think that took away from the story a lot on first viewing, unfortunately, but still an amazing ending) and with the fear that the movie played on. The very real fear of a nuclear attack and subsequent post-apocalyptic type world. Fans of the original Star Trek will defs love this film and the rest of the population should totes check it out!

It should be higher on the list if anything.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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