22 July 2010

The Wild Bunch (1969)


We all dream of being a child again, even the worst of us.
So basically: A group of aging outlaws try to pull one last job in Texas before retiring, but when it goes wrong, they flee to Mexico thinking that it would only be for a short while. While in Mexico they meet General Mapache, who asks them to rob a U.S. train carrying arms. They accept this job as their last. To make matters worse, an old gang member is in hot pursuit of them with his own gang, but instead of outlaws, they're bounty hunters.

I'm not a fan of Westerns by any means, but most of the ones on the list I have enjoyed. So, I wasn't exactly thrilled to watch this movie, but I wasn't expecting to dislike it, either. The whole premise of the movie, the wild west getting "civilized" and a group of outlaws no longer fitting in with their surrounding, sounds interesting, too. It's a theme that a lot of people probably had to face. But, really, I did not like this movie at all. It was long and pretty boring, all the characters blended into each other, and half the time I couldn't tell which group I was following - on the first viewing at least, during the second I was able to follow it. I don't know, it's supposed to be a classic Western, so maybe it's just because I'm not a fan of Westerns.

Does it deserve to be on the list? No! I don't care if it's a brilliant Western, I think the movies on the list have to be likable by people who don't necessarily like that genre - to be a top movie ever - and I just can't like this.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. My dad is a massive fan of westerns, and he loves this movie. However I am not a fan of westerns at all, I think they're long and boring :P, so I will head your advice and not watch this movie (and am very happy about that, haha!).
    Agree that a top movie should be liked by people who don't necessarily like the genre.

  2. My papa is too [which is nice when Westerns come up on the list, 'cause I can just borrow them from him]. Either, am I, tho have you seen The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? It was my first Western and it's awesome [I highly recommend it, even if you don't like Westerns. Spaghetti Westerns, aka Sergio Leone's films, are awesome]
    haha :)

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  4. Love the name of this site! IMDB is very unreliable as a guide I have found. I also agree with you on the Wild Bunch. This has to be the most overrated western ever made.