15 July 2010

King Kong (1933)


It was beauty killed the beast.
So basically: Filmmaker Carl Denham is hit hard by the Depression. He has a new idea for a movie set on an island, but he's without a lead actress. On the streets of New York City, he finds Anne Darrow and employs her in his film. They go on a voyage to Skull Island where there is talk of a giant monster, King Kong, who lives there. Denham is in search of this very monster to put it in his film alongside Anne.

Please please please do not watch the coloured version of this film! It was the only version I could find this summer and it's absolutely dreadful! The colouring takes away from the narrative, which is supposed to be dark and scary. The colour makes it looks picturesque and comical, especially the classic Empire State Building scene! You've all seen that part and it's horrid in colour - just doesn't look right. Yeah, watch the black and white version! I have seen that version, too, so hopefully I can recall it enough to give a fair review: the story of Kong has been instilled in every generation and it's a film that everyone should see. The story is brilliant and full of adventure and romance (and slight bestiality, but we're going to ignore that). Also Fay Wray is totes hot and has gorgeous legs - which is not to say that's the best part of the picture or her only good qualities. Her constant screaming was a tad annoying and the fact that she never took the initiative to get away or anything - but that's mostly to do with the fact that's it's a 30's picture, tho.

It's a story that's so familiar to us, yet probably a lot of people haven't seen it. You should. Go watch it. Thank you. Also, yes it should be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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