12 July 2010

Magnolia (1999)


We cheered at the end of this movie.
So basically: The lives of 9 individuals are intertwined over a 24 hour period in Los Angeles. A dying old man, his wife who married him for his money that she doesn't want anymore after falling in love with him, his douche-bot of an estranged son, and his caregiver who tries to locate his son. Another dying man who is the host of a famous trivia television programme showcasing genius children, his estranged cokehead daughter, and the cop who fell in love with her. And two child geniuses, one old and alone, the other on the television programme.

This is the movie that never ends. I remember liking this movie after the first viewing. However, this time I could not stand it. Who makes a three hour movie about nothing?! Srs, nothing exciting happens in this movie. It's long and boring, defs not worth the time.

I don't even know why this is on the list, especially this high up. Geez!

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. I can't stand this movie. I watched it before I decided to watch IMDb Top 250 because someone told me that it was so much like Crash. What a disappointment. I couldn't wait for it to end.

  2. Either can I! I, unfortunately subjected two of my friends to watch it with me [I'm honestly surprised they still talk to me!]
    Gah! What a horrid recommendation. This movie isn't like Crash at all!

  3. Also, out of curiousity's sake [since you mentioned it] how many IMDb's top 250 movies have you seen?

  4. I'm trying to watch them in order, going from the top to the bottom. Last night I watched Finding Nemo (not for the first time), so I got about a hundred more to go. I only review about 4 to 8 movies a month though (trying to keep my day job in the process). I'm amazed how many movies you've reviewed in a single month. Good job.

  5. ooohh, see I'm doing the opposite now [I just watched them randomly the first time]
    Oooh :) I'm about half-way done the list.
    haha, yeah. That's a good sane amount :) I don't have anything to do during the summer, hence the crazy amount of movies per day