27 July 2010

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)


All right, son: roll them guns up, count the money, and put your seat belt on.
So basically: Four friends, Eddy, Soap, Bacon, and Tom, pool their money - £25,000 each - to go into a high stakes card game with a local boss, Hatchet Harry. Eddy is a natural when it comes to cards and thinks he can't lose, but little does he know the game is rigged in favour of the boss. When Eddy loses, he ends up owing Harry £500,000. Panicking, the four of them eavesdrop on Eddy's neighbours, who plan on stealing a lot of drugs and money from some local drug dealers. The boys decide to rob the robbers to pay back Harry.

This movie is flawless. From start to finish there isn't a scene, a line of dialogue, or a character out of place or makes the plot drag on. The many different story lines come together brilliantly, even tho at first it seems they are not related, which makes the movie all the more interesting as the audience is trying to figure out what everyone has to do with each other. It's clever, never taking the audience for granted, and the irony works perfectly.

This should totally be higher on the list. Like, a lot. It blows your mind with awesomeness.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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