09 July 2010

Rope (1948)


Murder can be an art, too.
So basically: Brandon and Phillip think they are Nietzschian supermen, superior to all ordinary people. Murder is more of an art to the superior individual and is one of their rights. They set out to commit the perfect murder, the murder of one of their former classmates. To compliment this murder, they have a dinner party, inviting the classmate's girlfriend, her former fling and best friend to the deceased, his father and his aunt, and one of their former teachers, who holds the same Nietzschian ideals.

The third Jimmy Stewart film and the first Alfred Hitchcock film on the list. With a pairing like that you can't really go wrong. I first watched this knowing nothing about Leopold and Loeb - the case that the play and film were loosely based off - and it started one of my obsessions. The case of Leopold and Loeb give a brilliant backdrop to the story - the idea of a perfect murder. If you're into real crime, check this one out; it's fascinating, one might say. Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most brilliant directors in film, and it certainly shows here. The editing was brilliant with takes up to ten minutes long.

This should defs be higher on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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