16 July 2010

Good Will Hunting (1997)


How do you like them apples!
So basically: Will Hunting is from South Boston. He has three best friends and works as a janitor at MIT. A math professor, Gerald Lambeau, puts up a problem in the hall expecting one of his students to solve it. One night at work, Will solves the problem effortlessly. Gerald finds out and tracks Will to the jail he had just been thrown into. The professor makes a deal with the judge to let Will free on two conditions: one, he study math with the professor and two, he go see a therapist.

One of those pretentious films, but with merit. Firstly, Gus Van Sant is an awesome director. And Matt Damon is pretty cool, too. And, of course, Robin Williams is brilliant. Ben Affleck and co, however, were totes annoying. I wish they would have been better characters, would defs make this movie really, really good. Another than that, this is one of those movies everyone should see, I think. Matt Damon's refusal to use his talents is what drives this picture. He's not a typical genius where people push him to achieve stuff and he eventually does and is brilliant and everything is good. No, he doesn't compromise and change for others, he is true to himself and what he believes in. I like that.

This movie deserves all the "prestige" of the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. Favourite scene is when Ben Afflick is all "The best part of my day is going up to your door and knocking, cause maybe, just maybe you won't answer, because you've just left. No goodbye, no nothing." Or whatever, it's a touching bromance