13 July 2010

Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (2007)


A poet once said, "Only a fool laughs when nothing's funny."
So basically: Jean-Dominique Bauby is a 43 year old editor for Elle magazine. On an outing with his son, he has a stoke and is paralyzed. Now, he is in a hospital in Calais with only the use of his left eye and a contract with a publishing company. His original manuscript was going to be a modern The Count of Monte Cristo with Monte Cristo as a girl; now he has changed his story to an autobiography. Using a frequency alphabet and blinking, he dictates his story to be written down.

What to say about this movie? It's a good movie, very well put together and everything, but I didn't enjoy it. I just didn't really care for the plot at all. Biopics aren't very interesting to me. But, if you like biopics and the sort, defs check out this movie.

I don't think it should be on the list, no.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

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  1. You didn't care for the plot at all? Are you even human?