05 August 2010

Ben-Hur (1959)


If you add "in bed" after every sentence, this movie vastly improves.
So basically: Judah Ben-Hur is a Jewish prince living in Roman occupied Judea. His old friend Messala is appointed commanding officer of the Roman legions and enters Judea with the new governor. Judah is overjoyed to see his friend, but Messala asks him to give up the names of Jewish patriots against Roman occupation, which Judah wholly refuses to do. After an accident nearly kills the governor, Messala sends Judah to the gallows to make an example of him, and sends Judah's mother and sister into prison. Judah swears revenge on Messala and to find his family.

I wanted to like this film, but I really can't. I've already expressed how much I don't like epics/biopics, but I do give each of them a try with an open mind. Firstly, what the hell were they thinking casting Charlton Heston as Judah? He just makes this movie terrible! And it's much too long. I honestly don't have a hatred for long movies, or slow-paced movies, but this one drags on. Nothing happens. Ever. I left the room a couple of times, and each time I came back they were doing the exact same thing.

The chariot race is probably awesome for those who like racing of any sort - which I don't - but I don't see anything else spectacular about this film. Doesn't deserve to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!


  1. So sorry you didn't like it. I thought it was good, even though I don't like epics OR long movies.

  2. To be honest: I liked it better the first time. I was actually expecting to give it a seal of approval [even tho I didn't like it], but after this viewing, I had to change my mind.
    Maybe it was just an off day? Wasn't entirely in the mood for that kind of movie?