12 August 2010

Fargo (1996)


Oh, he was a little guy... Kinda funny lookin'.

So basically: Jerry Lundegaard is a car salesmen in a lot of debt. To get the money, he hires two guys to kidnap his wife and hold her for ransom, since her father is rich and would pay. Carl and Gaear are the two men assigned the job and the kidnapping goes just as planned. However, when things go wrong on the road, Marge Gunderson, a heavily pregnant cop, is called to investigate multiple murders on the highway.

This movie is absolutely brilliant. I mean, really, take a landscape like Northern Midwest, especially in the winter, and you'd think the story would be boring and the characters archetypes trying to be funny. But no, the Coen Brothers bring this world to life with a unique plot, clever humour, and characters that stand out against the bleak environment - which heightens the allure of the film. Marge is certainly the best character in the film and adds life to every scene she is in.

Defs worth checking out and totes deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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