29 August 2010

Reservoir Dogs (1992)


You don't need proof when you have instinct.
So basically: Joe Cabot hires six strangers to carry out a bank robbery. He gives them each their own name: Mr Blonde, Mr White, Mr Pink, Mr Blue, Mr Brown, and Mr Orange. When Mr Blonde starts shooting during the heist, things get a little hectic as everyone tries to make it out alive and to the safe-house.

This is the film that made me love Tarantino. I think the only other one I saw before this was Pulp Fiction - which I can barely remember, I was so distracted while watching it, oops! After this film I instantly wanted to watch all of his other movies! It's just so awesome. All of the characters are amazing and it was brilliantly cast - TIM ROTH IS SO YOUNG! The story is kind of simple if you think about it, but the whole thing is put together so brilliantly - gotta love Tarantino for that - that you hardly notice how generic it is.

This movie totes deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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  1. Reservoir Dogs is an amazing crime movie about a masterminded jewelry robbery going wrong and the gang starts to suspect each other for being a police informant. You have to watch this full movie at least once time! I'm so excited in your post. Thank you so much. :*