28 August 2010

City Lights (1931)


Tomorrow the birds will sing.
So basically: The Tramp meets a blind flower girl and instantly falls in love with her. He wants to help her as best he can, but he doesn't know how. When he meets up with a drunk millionaire, they instantly become friends and the Tramp uses this opportunity to secure the flower girl's financial woes. However, when the millionaire is sober, he forgets about the friendship between them and tries to take back the money he drunkenly gave to the Tramp.

This is the highest ranking Chaplin film on the list, but it isn't my favourite. It was my first feature length film of Chaplin I watched and I am really glad it was. It is a really good introduction to his pictures. It's charming and fun and the Tramp is one of the best characters to watch. Srs, you can watch Chaplin for ever and never get bored of him, which is one of the reasons this movie is so awesome.

This movie obvi deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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