09 August 2010

Notorious (1946)


We are protected by the enormity of your stupidity, for a time.
So basically: T.R. Devlin, a U.S. agent, is assigned to recruit Alicia Huberman as a spy. Alicia's father was sent to prison for treason against the U.S. His circle of friends are all Nazis living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Alicia must infiltrate their ranks, but she goes too far and has to marry one of them.

I'm not a fan of Alfred Hitchcock, but I try and watch his movies with an unbiased eye - of course, there are some of his movies I really like, too. And of course I love Cary Grant, who is again awesome in this movie. However, I didn't find this movie interesting at all. The story itself is bland and predictable, and the characters don't add anything to it.

I don't think this movie deserves to be on the list at all. It's kind of boring.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

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