29 August 2010

Das Boot (1981)


I... really wanted to screw my brains out. But now, I am in no condition to fuck!
So basically: The movie follows a war correspondent down into a German U boat during the Second World War. They set out into the Atlantic, coming across British subs as they make their way to the Mediterranean.

Ok, the film isn’t just about that. It’s about the German soldiers who are stuck in the submarines for months at a time. Not many movies depict average German soldiers, instead focusing on the major names! So, this movie is very refreshing! (There has only been one other film about the common German soldier on the list, and it was American and about WW1 – it’s All Quiet on the Western Front, if you’re curious). Anyway, it is a wonderful film and I think everyone should see it – I know a lot of you have heard of it! It’s over three hours long (and can get up to about 5 hours given the right edition) and it takes place almost entirely on a U-boat, but it stays intense the whole time!

Defs deserves to be on the list!

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. NO. It is not intense. Boo. This movie is pressure gauges and binoculars and getting splashed on the bridge.

    They overcome all odds, and like many other war movies of this brand, decide to remind you why war is terrible by killing everybody off in the end anyways. It was like: "YAY they FINALLY did it!" And then... "OHSHI- wait, no they didn't. Sorry! *Troll face*"

    It made me feel like their lives, not to mention the three hours I spent watching them, was a terrible waste. Bah!

    Okay, maybe... It wasn't that bad. But the story could have and very much should have been told in less time. The rise and fall of action here is oddly placed and scenes of any real dramatic significance are few and far between. Its some great insight into the life of German soldiers, yes. Absolutely. Great significance, but this does not a great piece of film-making make.

    A fine film overall, but lengthy and with quite a few plot imperfections. Really? The second half of the film would have sufficed as an entire movie.

    Kind of like how I write! xD This is why you are the reviewer and I am not. This comment is getting long-winded, so I shall quit now and get back to essay writing~!

  2. Haha awww :(

    I honestly think, through all your commentating during this film, it rly was very good.

    I remember very much liking it

    And, yeah, I can see where you're coming from with the pace and strange placing of the movie, but I dunno ... I thought it worked. I thought it helped with the atmosphere, y'kno?

    Also, NO SPOILERS!! D:
    I liked the end, despite the whole 'I just spend 3 hours of my life for -THAT- ending! feeling'

  3. xD I guess I know what you mean. It was a lot better with our commentating, though, I agree. We should be the new MST3K. <3

    P.S.: You know what you should review? Toby Dammit, by Eli Roth. I wanna know if its any good. o__o

  4. We should! :D And youtube it! We'd get SO famous!

    P.S. I need to finish this list, is what I need to review

  5. What about "Cross of Iron"? It portrays the life of the typical landser. So does "Stalingrad"

  6. What about "Cross of Iron"? It portrays the life of the typical landser. So does "Stalingrad"

  7. I think you'll find the soldiers on board the sub are sailors and members of the kreigsmarine