27 August 2010

Raging Bull (1980)


You punch like you take it up the ass.
So basically: Jack LaMotta is determined to be a prizefighting boxer. But his violent outbursts and easy knock-outs prevent anyone from wanting to fight him. Not much is different in his home life, where he constantly abuses his wife and managing brother. This story chronicles his life through his fighting career and eventual stand-up routine.

Oh gosh, what can I saw about this film? As brilliant as Robert De Niro is as an actor, he plays the same part in a lot of his films - especially the ones on the list. And this is no exception. Here's an abusive douche trying to make it to the top of the boxing world, doing everything in his power to achieve this. The side characters are all one-dimensional and just fill in roles dictated by De Niro's need for them. And what is with the unnecessary black and white? Some movies work better that way, but this movie did not need it. I just found it distracting.

Watch Rocky, okay? This movie doesn't deserve to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of disapproval!

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