15 August 2010

Unforgiven (1992)


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Following an attack on a prostitute, the rest of the brothel offers a reward for the murder of the man who did it. A young, wannabe assassin approaches the infamous William Munny, a retired outlaw turned pig farmer who barely remembers how to ride a horse, and convinces him to return one more time to his old ways. They, and Munny's old partner, set off to exact revenge and claim the reward, in the process going up against the town's vicious, ruthless sheriff.

Never having seen a Western before, I was quite entertained by this movie. However - although I distinctly remember enjoying it - I can't really recall anything distinguishing about it. The characters were interesting, although I didn't find myself caring about any of them. And the atmosphere and setting were kinda awesome, but I gather that's a common thing in Westerns. Towards the end, I thought the movie was tense and somewhat exciting, but there were quite a few other bits that were honestly pretty dull. So - worth watching, but mind definitely not blown.

The Pretentious Reviewer's Seal of Disapproval.

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