20 August 2010

The Green Mile (1999)


The mouse is the main character.
So basically: Paul Edgecomb is in a retirement home and he decides to retell a story from his past to his friend after getting emotional over a movie that was being played. During the Depression, Paul worked at a penitentiary in Louisiana on Death Row. The day the story starts, Paul has a terrible bladder infection and they get a new inmate, John Coffey. John Coffey is a huge but simple minded man convicted of the rape and murder of two little girls. Paul and the rest of the guards soon discover that John Coffey has an extraordinary gift from God.

I love this movie. It may be 3 hours in length, but it certainly doesn't feel that way (I had seen this movie a couple times and completely forgot that it was long). Tom Hanks does a fine job in the lead, and the rest of the guards are acted brilliantly and enhance the story. John Coffey is certainly a very interesting character and he's definitely what makes this film so great. The rest of the inmates, as well, provide something to the story.

It's a fantastic story and it makes a brilliant film which deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!

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