09 August 2010

Snatch. (2000)


So basically: Turkish is an underground boxing promoter who needs a new caravan to conduct business. He sends his partner, Tommy, to some Irish-Gypsies, with his prize fighter, Gorgeous George, to purchase a caravan. When Mickey, a bare-knuckle boxing champion and one of the gypsies, knocks out George in a match for the caravan, Turkish and Tommy have no choice but to recruit him for a big fight. At the same time, Franky Four Fingers takes a detour to London on his way to New York to deliver a diamond after a heist. Several people are involved to try and get their hands on the diamond, including a Russian arms dealer, incompetent thugs, and a stray dog.

Guy Ritchie is a genius who makes awesome movies. Obvi fans of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels will love this movie, and visa versa. But, it still is awesome and everyone should see it. All of the characters are interesting and unique and their stories weave brilliantly together. The use of dramatic irony - so cleverly used in Two Smoking Barrels - is again used in this film to the same hilarious effect. The end really wraps everything up for the audience.

This movie defs deserves to be on the list.

Ziggi seal of approval!


  1. It's vice versa... not the credit card company lol
    Boyfriend showed me this movie... and seriously.. we were in the public library and i thought we were going to be kicked out i was laughing so hard.
    NEVER TRUST A PILKIE! ( if that's how you spell it)

  2. The librarian actually kicks people out?! Who knew.
    Also, yey!

  3. I like this movie yes, but it's a movie that I would like more if I hadn't seen it four thousand times. It's good, but not a repeated watch kinda good. And honestly my retarded ears make it easier to understand Brad Pitt's character than Turkish.

  4. D: I can kinda relate on the four thousand times [not this particular movie, but same thing]
    But I don't agree that it's not a repeat kind of good.
    This film is EPIC! impo

  5. Ive watched this more times than any other movie. Every single line is quotable. If you play onlines games the quotes can be made to fit all sorts of situation with hilarious results.